Fiamma Trattoria & Bar

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We had a family dinner over the holidays and had a very poor experience mostly due to the waitress Dallas’s crappy attitude.

We called a few days after the dinner and complained to Anthony, the GM about our experience. He not only sympathized but invited us back to have dinner on him.

What a difference the 2nd time was! Great service. Great wine. Amazing Lobster Bisque! Great Seafood Platter with Caviar, and the Surf and Turf was perfectly cooked!

We have been back again with friends this weekend and the experience was just as good!

What a way for a manager to turn a disgruntled customer into a fan!

Coconut Beach Bar and Mexican Grill

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After seeing an advanced screening of Safe Haven at Rave Motion Pictures my wife and I decided to have a late dinner. We chose the Mexican restaurant across the bridge from the theater. There were no Yelp reviews yet, so we decided to be the guinea pigs.

This was the worst meal I can ever remember having! The only positive part of the meal was the waitress’s positive attitude.

We ordered a Escalante Margarita (their version of a Cadillac) and a Blood Orange Margarita. The Escalante went back because it was too sweet. The Blood Orange tasted like punch, but I decided to just deal with it.

We ordered a ceviche (Shrimp and Ahi) appetizer. It was really shrimp and avocado in a wine glass with V8 Juice! Sent it back!

We ordered Beef Fajitas to share. Asked for the meat to be Medium Rare, what arrived was medium dead! They included only three cold stale tortillas for the two of us to share. We asked for some more tortillas and they brought three more, only this time they were the way tortillas are supposed to be. The meat was way over cooked and drowned in oil (maybe the lifeguard chair in the entry way was for the guy responsible for preventing drownings, but he was off for the night). (BTW, they tried to charge $.75 for the extra 3 tortillas)

Because we checked in on Yelp, there was a free desert offer. We ordered the non-coconut Flan. We received a medicine tasting coconut Flan. The waitress took it back to get us the one without coconut, but came back saying that the kitchen does not know the difference between the ones with coconut and without. (Really, hope they know the difference between rat poison and pepper!) We were offered another desert choice but had already given up and free still sounded too expensive!

With all the problems the waitress told us that the manager told her to only charge us for the drinks but did not bother to come and speak with us. (The comped food bought them no good will, as the manager did not feel the need to do better or hear from his customers! I give this place 3 months before they close their doors.)

We paid the bill including a full tip on the original amount, as the waitress was not at fault and got the heck out of there!

Vegas Birds

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I attended an intimate media event for the Vegas Birds Show on June 17th and brought the family.


My kids really enjoyed the show and there were plenty of jokes that were over their heads and perfect for the adults in the room. While this show will not have a ballroom built for it at the Palazzo, it is worth seeing and if you are having a kids party or fair, I would definitely consider hiring this show as part of the entertainment for the event. The show’s Web site is:

A more comprehensive review by Nikki Artale can be found at:

Naka Sushi (Lake Mead/Rampart)

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After walking out of Osaka due to their bad service we decided to give Naka Sushi a try.

We chose the All-You-Can-Eat option for $21.95 for adults and $10.95 for the kids.

The staff was friendly, the food was good, the Saki was very nice. The included item selection was excellent. My only complaint was the lack of fresh wasabi (Totally different from the regular wasabi that everyone is used to), which is missing in about 3/4 of all sushi places I have been to, but the owner promised to order some for next time.

We’ll definitely be back!

Osaka Japanese Bistro

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Place was totally empty when we arrived at 4:15pm today (Saturday June 30, 2012). We were seated right away and ordered drinks (1st two drink items we asked for from their Happy hour menu they were out of.)

We started looking at the Happy hour menu and found that the prices for many items were identical to the non happy hour menu and when we asked about that they said that is the way it is supposed to be. They are trying to scam people with their happy hour menu.

We asked for a Tuna Hand Roll that was not spicy, they said that would be $2 more because that is fresh Tuna (as opposed to what, rancid tuna?)

The manager and waitress have no idea what customer service is. We walked out and ended up at Naka Sushi just a mile away and had a great experience.

Naked Fish Sushi – Mediocre at best!

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This was our 2nd time here in 2 years.. The 1st time we really enjoyed ourselves, this time not so Much!

We were seated at 5:55pm and our server came by to introduce herself and get our drinking order. She returned 10 minutes later at which point we asked about when the Happy Hour menu ends. Her response was at 6pm, sorry. (Boy thanks for the heads up when we sat down!)

There were 4 of us, two adults and two kids, we were given 2 food menus and a drinks menu to use and a third food menu after we asked for another menu for our daughter. As we were discussing what we wanted to eat and drink we realized that the 3rd menu and the drinks menu were gone (they’d taken them without asking and before we had even ordered!)

We ordered drinks, miso soup and a few rolls and and asked if they had fresh wasabe. The server answered of course!

The soup came and was pretty good! Then the food came and I again asked for some fresh wasabe, answer, “of course”. Ten minutes go by and most of the rolls were handled well by my wife and kids, I’m still waiting for the wasabe. I got her attention again and after another 5 got what was supposed to be fresh wasabe.

I tried the wasabe with the two pieces remaining on the table. Nasty! It was 90% regular wasabe paste with 10% semi stale “fresh wasabe” mixed together.

We ordered some more rolls and I asked for actual real fresh wasabe, “Pretty Please!”.

The items came but of course no fresh wasabe. 10 minutes later after having to ask again she brought what looked like paste but tasted a bit closer to what I was looking for.

We ordered one more set of rolls including a rainbow roll with real crab meat as we were still hungry and after 30 minutes waiting and us telling the water lady to just cancel and bring us the check the rolls arrived. We needed to use a magnifying glass to find the real crab it was about 1/10th the size of the cucumber in the roll with sparse fish on top. We were still hungry, but annoyed so we asked for the check. They never asked if I wanted another beer and refilled our tea and water only once.

The bill came to $155, including a $3 up charge for the minuscule snow crab substitute for imitation crab and $2.50 extra for the not so fresh wasabe.

The food was OK, but we eat sushi at least monthly and have been to sushi restaurants all over Vegas, LA, San Diego, SF Bay Area, Hawaii, Florida, Australia, etc… Not even average by our experience!

This will be our last time at Naked Fish. Sushi Tower just a few miles away is much better for less money and they know what fresh wasabe is.

Fix at the Bellagio

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Fix is one of my favorite places to eat on the strip. It’s easily accessible via the side valet and every dish I’ve ever eaten there has been fantastic. A must have is their fork dish, trust me, you’ll like it!

Another positive is that they are locals friendly. My party of two got there at 7:30pm on a Saturday without a reservation and was told that they could seat us at 9:45pm. I said, “Can you help out a couple of hungry locals?”. We were seated 10 minutes later by the awesome hostess!

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What’s your favorite/hottest night club?

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This is a fast pace town and things change, so we want to know, what’s your favorite night club and why?

Fantastic new upscale Mexican Restaurant!

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I had the pleasure this evening to dine for the 2nd time at Mundo in the Las Vegas World Market Center.

The food and drinks were superb! The atmosphere was great, and this evening the weather was so good that our party of 8 was able to eat outside. This is what Vegas is all about! Additionally, Mundo is the home of the Alien Tequilla Brand, so the shots and margaritas kick ass!

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No Matter What Obama Says, Las Vegas is Fun!

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Come back soon for the best in Vegas travel deals, Hotels, Shows, and General Happenings!